Режисерка: Ніна Хижна
Музика: Камерний оркестр «Nova Simfonietta»,
диригент - Станіслав Христенко,
Гітара - Станіслав Кононов.
Актори і акторки:
Артем Вусик — Стравінський, Аполлон
Дмитро Третяк — Полігімній, Аполлон
Ніна Батовська — Латона, Аполла
Анна Єрьоменко/Юлія Лінник — Терпсіхора, Аполла
Олександр Шай — Маленький Аполлон, Аполлон
Марія Лозова — Каліопа, Аполла
Світло: Олександр Чиж
Проекція: Гліб Ковальов
Костюми: DTN8
Грим: Валерія Кузьменко
Звукорежисер: Антон Бегменко
Декорації: Timirsun — майстерня дизайнерських меблів

Apollo" is a physical theatre performance inspired by the Ihor Stravinsky ballet "Apollon Musaget".

This performance is based on the story of an author, who is searching for his own place in the world and his life mission, who feels anxiousness about making the right choice and taking responsibly for it.

The role of APOLLO is the role of the author who migrates between actors and actresses and everyone feels this role and its functions.

Actors dream and learn by using movements and words. They reflect whether it is possible to create a space we are living in independently, do we really want to make an impact on this space and does this space will need us if we are gone?

Ihor Stravinsky figure also appears in the play. It is known he considered himself as a cosmopolite, he had changed his citizenship several times and had never been confined to the only one living place.

This is an important fact that allow us to make the audience ask themselves questions about their place in the world.

Прем'єра — 25-26 червня 2019 року
Тривалість вистави — 1 година 10 хвилин
+38 050 561 12 61